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Imagine a combination of celery with a bit of parsley...but on steroids. This is not a shy herb by any stretch. In addition to the predominant celery bite, lovage also offers a bit of a citrusy zing.

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Lovage (scientific name: Lecisticum Officinale) is a member of the parsley/carrot/celery families. It is grown widely in Europe, and used most frequently in the cuisines of Southern Europe, Germany, England, and in some Eastern European countries. It looks like very thin, dark green celery, with dark green leaves that resemble a combination of both celery leaves and giant parsley leaves. Lovage gets along beautifully with a large number of foods. The leaves can be used in salads, soups, and anything containing pork, poultry, and strongly flavored fish. But a word of caution: Lovage is strong. So it is advised to start with just one or two chopped leaves in a dish. (Yes, it really is that powerful!) Any more can be overwhelming, especially if you haven't used it before.
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