Toronto's Trusted Source for Certified Organic Meats

At the intersection of London and Queen in Toronto, you can find the certified organic meats at Victoria Whole Foods, which has long been appreciated as a source of trust. Our reputable place takes pride in it by guaranteeing our consumers a wide selection of premium, naturally grown and operationally assessed meat products, making sure they match with the highest standards of the organic certification. 

The main mission of Victoria Whole Foods is to inspire healthier life choices and cultivate sustainable agriculture through a range of meat products which aren’t treated with antibiotics, hormones, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and other chemicals. The skilled staffs are always there to help customers in buying all products suitable to their diets and values. Furthermore, with our power of selection we ensure that you buy products of your choice. 

You will find grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, wild-caught fish and many more organic meats at Victoria Whole foods and if you are an organic consumer in Toronto, it'll be your default destination.

Bringing Organic Goodness to Toronto's Meat Market

Victoria Whole Foods which ranks among the leading organic and lifestyle related products producers, has launched its sales drive in Toronto’s extremely vibrant Meat Market. Our latest store in the city's colorful selection is an indicator of the request for nutritious, organic food from Toronto people.

We delivers a complete range of products that satisfy different dietary demands and needs starting with fresh organic produce and nitrate-free meats going up to gluten-free treats and plant-based substitutes. The shop intends to offer the absolute best quality, ethically procured food that not only tastes good, but is also healthy and supports wellbeing. 

With an opening in its Meat Market, our webshop offers a diverse range of organic and healthful foods for the customers in Toronto.

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